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About Us

Family Owned & Family Operated

Hi there! My name is Jared Eady, a born and bred Northlander and Whangarei is my home town. I am a fully Qualified Butcher with almost 25 years experience in Retail, Wholesale, Home Kill and Commercial Meat Processing.

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Our Story

My wife, three kids and I are excited to grab the reins and grow this business, using my knowledge and expertise to ensure high quality, professional commercial meat processing for our customers.


This is a family owned and operated business from start to finish. Running a small, boutique operation is to your advantage. We only process rested animals in small, hand picked lots ensuring the finished meat product is naturally processed and of the highest quality.


Whether you are a farmer looking to sell your own processed meat, a butcher or meat wholesaler looking for food service cuts, we 'd love to hear from you. We can even work with you selecting the best animals to process to meet your needs.

We look forward to doing business with you!!   

A Selection of Our Clients

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