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Butcher Hanging Beef



Animal welfare and the quality of meat is paramount to Northland Meat Processors. We only accept livestock that is healthy and all cattle we receive is rested for at least 72 hours in paddocks next to our plant.


We are farmers ourselves and our emphasis is minimal stress, low throughput, but high quality commercial meat processing. Our small, modern facility is fully MPI certified to produce independently inspected meat for commercial sale. It is also certified by Asure Quality to process organic animals into organic meat for commercial sale.


Our operators are not pressured on time. Our key objective is to ensure the livestock under our watch is not stressed at any point. Not only is this the right thing to do, it is important to ensure the meat is not tainted. Our facility processes cattle, sheep and goat. Our basic option is to have your livestock processed into carcasses on the rail for commercial sale to butchers for further processing. The quality of care we provide is throughout the entire process, from the moment an animal arrives at our facility to the finished commercial product we deliver to our customers.

As our facility is MPI certified, you can commercially sell your meat product. Alternatively, if you chose, we can sell through Northland Prime, a collective of like-minded farmers and growers.

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